Managing the Knowledge....or a Frog to be Kissed

Franz Tessun
Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Germany.


Knowledge management is a challenge to all companies that wish to survive in this knowledge-dominated society and to improve their competitive position in it. The management of knowledge still has a future ahead of it, since it is the sole resource that multiplies through use. The explosion of knowledge quantities, the shortened half-life of knowledge and the increasing knowledge intensity of all management processes represent enormous challenges in the future.

At the strategic level we encounter questions regarding content, such as what do we wish to know and to what purpose? Knowledge development, innovation and holistic, intermeshed thinking are the basic building bricks for the strategic alignment of a company. Utilise the resources of a company to their best effect, become unique, turn the flow of knowledge into a targeted stream, bring the knowledge to the market: this is like kissing the frog. At first, the prospect is decidedly unattractive; after all, who likes kissing frogs? But then, suddenly, he is standing there before you: the prince, beautiful to behold and with the gleam of innovation in his eyes.