I want a Windows Phone!


A fierce market, low awareness and a product to launch

What the heck is a Windows Phone?

Back in April 2000, Microsoft introduced the Pocket PC that offered the features of the Windows PC on smartphones and mobile devices. Flash forward 10 years, several versions, many OEM partners and a radically different landscape and meet Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is essentially the operating system for mobile devices such as smart phones. Phones that run Windows Mobile are called Windows Phones. With a Windows Phone you can retrieve e-mail, keep track of your schedule and your contacts, browse the Internet, and manage business documents using mobile versions of familiar Microsoft applications like Outlook, Office*, and Windows Live™ for Windows Mobile*. Windows Phone helps you do the stuff you need to do.

What does the competition look like?

Unfortunately, the Windows Phone is up against two mobile device goliaths, the iPhone and the BlackBerry. In Canada, Research in Motion owns approximately 70% of the smartphone shipments and Apple is growing iPhone share by leveraging Canadians' world-leading preference for Apple products.