A celebration of strategy: comments and analysis on the Gold winning papers at the 2010 Jay Chiat Awards

Geoffrey Precourt

Were Andrew Delbridge to have his way, "account planning" would be dropped from the agency lexicon. "The history of account planning, for decades, has been linked to media," said the partner/chief strategy officer of McKinney, the Durham, NC, agency. "But the biggest shift in our business has come with the digital imperative to move away from traditional media planning and to have people interact and participate with a brand. That's re-shaped advertising. And it's reshaped planning."

And, although Delbridge really has no power to redirect the way that people talk about the business of marketing, as chairman of what used to be the 4A's annual planning conference, he's been able to not-so-subtly change the form and substance of the event.

Andrew Delbridge