A Studebaker can't compete with a Ferrari

Douglas J. Wood

In 2006 two seemingly unrelated yet converging events will have a profound effect on the marketing community and how far technology can go in changing the future of advertising.

The first event occurred during the Torino Winter Olympics when Sprint broke through the clutter with a commercial for the Samsung MM-A900 mobile phone. Not only is the device a mobile telephone, but also a portable television connected to the Sprint Power Vision Network — perhaps the first mobile television network — over which Sprint subscribers can watch live television, download programs and music, and get weather, sports, and more. All at broadband speeds.

The second event occurs on October 29, 2006, when the current collective bargaining agreements with the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists expire. These agreements dictate minimum compensation, benefits, and working conditions for actors who perform in television and radio commercials. Negotiations for new three-year agreements will begin soon.