Febreze: Breathe Happy Campaign Launch

Category: Household Supplies & Services
Brand/Client: Febreze / Procter & Gamble
Lead Agency: GREY
Contributing Agencies: SMG, Possible Worldwide, MSL Group, G2


Febreze was once a breath of fresh air in the category, but the competition caught up.

In 1998 Febreze entered the air care category with a revolutionary product. Rather than simply perfuming the air, its unique formula actually eliminated odors on fabrics and replaced them with a fresh scent. Febreze became known as THE odor-eliminating brand and enjoyed great success. Recognizing a good thing when they saw one, the competition responded by launching similar products with the same benefit. Brand Health data indicated that we had lost our distinct positioning.1 We once 'owned' odor elimination, but now 'shared' this equity with our competitors, Glade (category leader by $ share) and Airwick (third in the category by $ share).2