Badger Hopping Hare


Client: Hall & Woodhouse
Category: Packaging (Branded Drink)

"We were impressed with the BrandOpus approach. They condensed the essence of the brief to one key brand challenge and it is clear that BrandOpus brings with them both expertise and enthusiasm for the category.

"The redesign brings a refreshed look and feel to the Badger brand, which we and the consumers love, proven by the fantastic results on our first launch: Hopping Hare."
Anna Corbett, Brand Manager, Badger Ales

Executive summary

Hall & Woodhouse have brewed ale in the heart of the Dorset countryside since 1777. Having established the Badger brand in 1875, years of innovation and product development grew the Badger portfolio. However over time ales such as Tanglefoot and Fursty Ferret were found to have become brands in their own right, rather than ales sitting beneath the Badger parent brand, highlighting that the Badger brand did not play a significant enough role on the bottle.