Immediate and delayed advertising effects of celebrity endorsers attractiveness and expertise

Martin Eisend

European University Viadrina

Tobias Langner

Bergische University Wuppertal


Companies invest considerable amounts of money to align their brands with famous endorsers. The use of celebrities as spokespeople is a popular advertising tool and its application has increased remarkably over the past decades (Erdogan 1999). Numerous companies use celebrities to promote their products and brands. Some firms such as Omega rely almost exclusively on celebrities like Michael Schumacher, Pierce Brosnan or George Clooney in order to advertise their brands. The success of celebrity endorsement is backed by the findings of several academic studies which show that celebrity endorsers positively impact consumers’ attitudes towards a brand and enhance purchase intentions (Kaikati 1987; Erdogan 1999; Amos et al. 2008).