The Enduring Influence of TV Advertising And Communications Clout Patterns In the Global Marketplace

Oscar Jamhouri
Integration Marketing and Communications

Marek L. Winiarz
Method Marketing Communications


A fundamental measure of marketing effectiveness is the influencing power of communications contacts. In recent history, television has been one of the most powerful contacts with consumers. The advent of digital and web-based channels created speculation about weakening TV and suggests that its clout has waned. To the contrary, our data show that TV continues its global hold as a dominant contact.

Our data capture consumers' perceptions of the influence of advertising on their buying decisions. They cover a very wide range of influencing communications. As TV advertising is common in all surveys, and because we are using the same method and a common measurement system globally over several years, we are able to make empirical observations about the perceived influence of TV, over time, across product categories and among countries.