Brand equity: Why do they still not get it?

Tim Ambler
Adam Smith Institute

The popular misconceptions that have led marketing to be blamed for the financial crisis are rooted in the boardroom

Once again, a cracking issue of Market Leader (June 2012) in which the young at heart warriors, Winston Fletcher, Jeremy Bullmore, Hugh Davidson, and Hugh Burkitt in particular, together make an irresistible case for the centrality of marketing in modern society. Doubt not that marketing is vital and positive. The country lives off those companies making an honest buck, paying their taxes and propping up spendthrift governments.

So if that is all so clear and simple, why do company boards still not get it? The contributors to Market Leader and their predecessors have been marketing marketing for 40 years. And we are talking of the people with the highest marketing skills. Yet the clubby world of Plc directors remains only a little moved, if at all.