Weaving a Web to Capture Consumers: Newspapers and the Classified Audience Online

Mike Donatello
Newspaper Association of America

Classified advertising is a market critical to newspapers, and the World Wide Web is medium that may make or break newspapers’ future success in that market. Preliminary results from a Newspaper Association of America study of consumer response to classified advertising on the Web suggest that newspapers’ Web sites are rated more positively than competitors’ sites on a number of important attributes. Additional findings indicate, however, that newspapers still face some hurdles in making their Web classifieds a ‘must read.’

I’m going to present preliminary results from the Newspaper Association of America’s first consumer study on newspapers and the new media market. First, let me give you an overview of what will be discussed:

  • What we studied and why we focused on the topic
  • A little bit about the mechanics of the study
  • What we found and what we think it means