Increase Return on Marketing Investments by Measuring the Previously Unmeasurable

Stephanie Bauer Marshall
Verizon Wireless


When you connect people, places and things based on timely, observable behavioral insights, you can turn previously hard-to-measure areas—such as out-of-home media, sponsorships, actual audience behaviors and responses— into insights that can help drive a positive marketing return on investment (MROI).


Marketers are increasingly held accountable for providing a measurable MROI. Tangible key performance indicators (KPIs) are the new norm. Traditional research methods are limited in uncovering audiences' exhibited behaviors, as well as clearly linking marketing efforts to actual audience responses. These limitations make it harder for marketers to plan and evaluate their efforts effectively.

Mobile devices and wireless networks are changing the way marketers evaluate success by connecting people, places and things across both the digital and physical worlds. Now, marketers can observe audience behaviors and responses to content and promotions, as well as the context in which these behaviors and responses occur.