Telstra: How a ‘functional family’ injected relevance back into the fixedline home phone

Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys

Advertiser: Telstra

Author: Fabio Buresti

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2-5 million


A category facing extinction

Since 2004, Telstra has been dealing with an ominous challenge - the decline of one of its key revenue and profit streams, the fixedline home phone service. Between June 2009 and June 2010, the number of Australians who did not have a fixedline home phone reached 2.3 Million - a 35% increase in disconnections in just 12 monthsi.

The cause for this decline has been a major consumer trend away from the traditional fixedline service towards; mobile phones, Naked DSL technology and voice-over-IP based services. And the future wasn't looking much brighter, with the Australian Communications and Media Authority estimating a further 12% of Australians were considering deserting their fixedline home phone service in the 12 months post June 2010. Clearly, the relevance of the fixedline home phone was under serious threatii.