Evidence Proves The Future Is Now: Why Great Creative Needs Great Research

Eileen Campbell

Millward Brown

Ever since mass media became mass—and, probably, well before then—we’ve all struggled with a couple of critical questions: what makes an advertisement great? And, if we can source that genius, can we use it to predict future greatness?

We try to come close to brilliance in a number of ways. We judge and award excellence in advertising with Lions, Effies, Addys, Clios, and a variety of others accolades that spring from peer-to-peer consideration. But we all know that it’s the consumer—not the trophy case—that defines greatness.

In 2011 and beyond, customers will take in advertising along with a burgeoning number of other marketing touchpoints and honor us with their wallets. To win, a brand must define itself in the mind of the consumer with a creative essence that carries the product or service across the marketing continuum; it is precisely this creativity that drives true brand success.