Cole Haan: Chelsea Pump campaign

BBH NY/Deep Focus

Background & Challenge

Cole Haan is a brand widely known for making comfortable, conventional brown shoes. Or, in layman's terms, it's everyone's mom's favorite brand. Your dad probably has a dozen pairs in his closet. So when Cole Haan began manufacturing products for a younger consumer, it faced a bit of a crisis; it had aged along with its core consumer and had a serious image problem.

Cole Haan needed to radically regain credibility with a younger target, and recruit a new generation—on a small budget. It was all about going for the bulls-eye of influencers: trend-setting, fashion-forward 25-34 year-olds living in New York City. In other words, the last people willing to give Cole Haan the time of day.

In the fall of 2012, the stylish new Chelsea Pump was to launch. Even though this was a small, local, tactical activation, it presented a genuine opportunity to drive reappraisal with the new target.