Excellence at the Intersection of Marketing Art and Science: The Best-in-show Winners of the 2011 David Ogilvy Award Winners

With its annual list of David Ogilvy Award winners, the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) showcases the highest form of marketing success: great advertising that really—and demonstrably—works.

As Raymond C. Pettit, former ARF senior vice president/research and standards (and current vice president/research at Premier Retail Networks, Inc.), wrote of the Ogilvy competition,[1] the inspiration for the awards came from their namesake (no surprise here), who did have some particular insights about the art—and particularly the science—of marketing research:

“Ogilvy firmly believed in that research performed miracles for advertisers, 18 to be exact.” And it was just that sort of precision that was ever-so-Ogilvy matched with superlative advertising work—again, an Ogilvy standard—that inspired the ARF to create a competition that would celebrate the kind of theories-in-action efficacy so cherished by their namesake.