Renault UK: Driving School


CLIENT • Renault UK

THE TEAM • Paul Bennett, Andrew Smith, Duncan Muller, Pascal Meline, Stuart Gillespie, Julien Regis, Christine Didelot.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • Proper targeting, understanding our audience and superb creative work delivered exceptional returns – there's life in the old DM dog yet. Our personalised form was delivered to driving instructors on a clipboard and smashed our target of 80 sales with a whopping 1,549 Clios purchased. We achieved a sales conversion rate of 3.5% and won £17.7 million of business, a return on investment of 40.96:1.

OBJECTIVES • To encourage calls, test drive bookings and purchases.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • Vauxhall are already strong in this sector (BSM uses the Corsa) and Ford supplies the Focus to the AA, so we aimed at independents and small private driving schools. Instructors are experienced drivers who've been in the job for years. They're not millionaires: they need value for money, not just the best deal but also low maintenance and running costs. They spend their lives in their cars: half as a passenger and half as a driver. Days stuck in traffic, battling bad drivers and constantly being on the lookout for hazards are all very stressful: they need to know their ‘office’ is safe and comfortable. We chose DM for a one-to-one dialogue with minimum wastage. We sent unbranded and curiously wedge-shaped packages to 1,330 Renault customers and 14,755 prospects, each with a clipboard holding a completed ‘driving test form'. The Clio's details replaced the driver's name, the instructor's name had been inserted and, instead of the regular test criteria, we listed the desirable features. These all naturally received a tick in the ‘pass’ box. The only ‘fail’ is the price – rectified with a discount and new figure. The form opens to reveal a letter, some sexy pictures of the car and a questionnaire, with directions to a dedicated portal or to call for a test drive. By engaging with our audience instead of interrupting them, demonstrating that the Clio's not only a practical business choice, it's great to drive and comfortable for passengers (an important factor for instructors), we were able to achieve amazing results.