Z Energy: Z is for New Zealand

Agency: Assignment Group
Client: Z Energy


Along with the change in ownership of Shell in New Zealand, came the task of building an entirely new Kiwi brand from scratch – Z. The challenges were huge, as the fuel category is highly competitive, but of relatively low interest to consumers. This was further exacerbated by the lack of physical brand presence for five months during the change-over phase.

However, by sharing the journey and involving Kiwis in Z's development every step of the way, the team at Assignment Group succeeded in laying the foundations for an iconic Kiwi brand.

Z is already the most recommended brand in New Zealand*, and the campaign is having a significant impact on sales.

* Source: Colmar Brunton's Market Mood Monitor

Key learnings

While it is not uncommon for a brand to be launched before it is fully up and running, Z was not going to be experienced by New Zealanders for at least nine months.