BMW S 1000 RR: S 1000 RR Tabletrick



The tablecloth phenomenon.

The launch campaign of BMW’s first superbike, S 1000 RR, had to broaden the company’s image: adding boldness to comfort. To achieve this we showed the bike’s unbelievable power in a unique way.

We produced an internet film which would leave the audience with the question: Is this really possible? Is the bike really this strong?

A man hooks a tablecloth onto the S 1000 RR. The bike accelerates and yanks the tablecloth from a set table so fast that all the dishes, glasses and cutlery stay on it in place, thus triggering the tantalizing question “Real or fake?” This was our intention from the very beginning when we planted this virus in the film. The effect: enormous PR hype and skyrocketing sales.

The campaign reached almost 20 million people, earning free media coverage in excess of 1,700,000 euros (and additionally saved YouTube-seeding worth at least 1,500,000 euros) from a production budget of less than 10,000 euros. With 9,071 internationally sold units the S 1000 RR reached a market share of 22% in its first year. As part of this global success it became Germanys top selling superbike in 2010. And that while the international supersport-segment in general decreased by 23% and the German one by 20.5%. In Germany, the S 1000 RR even sold 13% more units than the best selling superbike of 2009. In the end, the bike even went out of stock.