Panel Turnover And Fatigue

A cross sectional approach to understanding time-in-panel effects

Pasquale (Pat) A. Pellegrini and Ken Purdye
BBM Canada


BBM Canada provides the Canadian broadcasters, agencies and advertisers with daily minute-by-minute audience measurements with a national panel of 2100 households. Several regional panels make up this national panel, including a 500 household panel in Vancouver, British Columbia. In fact, in 1997 Vancouver was the first installed commercial panel and so has been in place for five years. Having a panel operating for this time period affords BBM Canada the unique opportunity to examine the viewing data of this panel of households across time (longitudinal) and for specified intervals of time-in-panel (cross-sectional) to investigate panel fatigue. Currently, all BBM metered households use TNS Picture Matching Technology (PMT), although we are currently in the process of setting up a Portable People Meter (PPM) panel in Quebec. BBM Canada hopes to apply our findings on panel fatigue to a panel turnover policy in order to maintain a representative panel. This paper represents the first of a two-part analysis focusing strictly on a cross-sectional analysis.




Panel Turnover