Maximizing the Online Video Viewer and Advertiser Experience

Cortney Henseler and Joe Blechman


The rapid growth of online video threatens to displace 'traditional' video in a short amount of time, particularly among younger demographics. The universe of online video has expanded to encompass everything from network TV programs, to how-to videos, user-generated content and short news clips. Few corners of the Internet remain untouched by online video. However, the insights developed thus far are relegated to relatively limited measures such as completion rates. We set out to pinpoint the best consumer experience while maximizing advertiser value.

Optimizing online video is important to AOL for three reasons. First, AOL On is the web's largest collection of curated premium video. The company has the second largest video platform in terms of total unique visitors, and it is important that we remain the premier content platform to encourage partner growth. There are massive gaps in industry knowledge which we must fill in order to have a full understanding and expertise of how to best satisfy all of our constituents.