The future fan: Exploring the evolution of music fandom and what it means to brands and the media

Gemma Proctor and Andy Crysell
Twitter and Crowd DNA


Music fandom has always existed, but the way we connect with music has changed throughout time. Twitter partnered with Crowd DNA to produce a ground-breaking piece of anthropological research exploring the world of music fandom, its evolution over time and the implications for artists, labels and brands operating in the space. This paper explores the drivers of fandom, not only looking at its transformation over the ages but also projecting towards the future.

Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what you care about

Passions are central to Twitter; whether your interest is sport, movies, fashion, food or TV – Twitter connects you to those who share a similar passion.

Passions became central to our strategy at Twitter in the UK in 2015. It became an accessible and compelling way for us to talk about the reason why our 15 million monthly users in the UK have a relationship with Twitter. The strategy aligned itself with our Partnerships team who work with artists, celebrities, fashion designers, sports teams and brands as to the value that Twitter creates for them, and also provided a persuasive and exciting sales story for our commercial teams selling our promoted suite of products such as Tweets and Trends.