Online research: Robotic research

John Kearon

DigiViduals are online robots that mine data to ethnographically profile individuals to aid personalised targeting

DigiViduals™ are a new ethnographic approach to understanding target audiences and other marketing constructs using internet research robots.

They represent the next generation of creative search engines, allowing researchers to dive into the rich stream of social media content and come up with meaningful and rich narratives to better understand brands, target audiences, segmentations and trends.

The internet is awash with tiny fragments of information that, put together in the right way, have the potential to provide us with a deeper understanding of people. As Huberman and Asur have said: "Social media expresses a collective wisdom which, when properly tapped, can yield an extremely powerful and accurate indicator of future outcomes". However, there are two problems with turning this information into insightful knowledge – the vastness and diversity of the web. How do you piece together this disparate data into coherent stories with relevance and meaning? How can you identify individuals or segments from the multitude of voices on the web?