Agency: McCann Erickson Author: John Howkins

Technics - A hair-raising experience



This case history illustrates how advertising has 'touched a nerve' with the consumer. Like most good advertising it has found a truth, and told it in a way that has not been done before. In many ways it parallels what is often done in film, plays, or literature - that is to take a feeling, or sentiment, which the audience has always felt to be the true, but express it so succinctly, and with such force that the audience feels a sense of relief. It removes the onus from the audience to struggle with their own inarticulate expression, because the job has been done for them publicly. Whilst these parallels are not intended to add pretensions to what, is after all, 'only advertising', they do reflect the 'brand teams' reaction to the creative idea, which expressed the strategy so succinctly, that the only response was 'that's it'.