Frontier Airlines – A whole different animal

Category: Sustained Success
Brand/Client: Frontier Airlines
Primary Agency: Grey NYC


Finding a Brand Identity for an Unknown Airline

In 2002, after less than 10 years in operation – Frontier Airlines was a brand without an established identity – a company without a cohesive purpose. They were said to be Denver's hometown airline, yet only two of five people in Denver knew who they were. Consumer perceptions of the brand were shaky at best. Frontier was basically viewed as a last resort carrier, accommodating United Airlines' spill-over traffic. Most consumers believed that Frontier had rickety, old planes and limited service only to the West. The lack of a consistent brand identity and loyal passenger base was stunting growth. Frontier's only option for survival would be to take a radically different approach and truly commit to building a brand. But how do you really take a radically different approach in an industry so full of empty promises?

The Obstacle Course