Enhancing memorability: do remaining duration prompts affect advertising recall?

Ruifeng Yu

Tsinghua University

Alan H.S. Chan

City University of Hong Kong

Ping Zhao and Yang Gao

Tsinghua University


Television channel switching during commercial breaks is a common way of avoiding advertising, and seriously affects the effectiveness of TV as an advertising medium. There have been many studies on this topic (Danaher 1995; Siddarth & Chattopadhyay 1998; Van Meurs 1998; Tse & Lee 2001; Josephine et al. 2003; Moorman et al. 2007), and the factors that influence viewer channel switching behaviour and viewer memory for commercials have been identified and analysed. For example, the features of the commercials and of the consumers, the degree of programme involvement, and how interesting the programme is before and after the break, are among the factors affecting viewer behaviour and memory. However, the findings from these studies are based on scenarios in which viewers did not know the exact amount of time commercial breaks would last.