The Economist: There is nothing more provocative than the truth

Sarah Brown

Campaign details

Client: The Economist
Agency: Proximity London
Brand: The Economist


An iconic brand had a Marmite problem.

Loved by readers, The Economist was often sorely misunderstood by non-readers who perceived it to be a set of dull articles on business and finance – in short, Warren Buffett's bedtime reading.

We discovered that the root of the problem was that, just as in an optical illusion, readers and non-readers perceived entirely different things.

We realised that experiencing the content gave non-readers an 'Economist epiphany' that transformed their perceptions.

Via the insight, 'There is nothing more provocative than the truth', we intrigued non-readers so thoroughly that trialling the product was hard to resist. Before they knew it, they were Economist readers, seeing for themselves that it's nothing like they expected.