Brand Name: MasterCard
Client Name:
Agency Name: McCann Erickson
Category for this Entry: Financial Services (Bronze)


The challenge for MasterCard was to represent a differentiated offer to consumers, encouraging them to use their MasterCard rather than any other of their plastic options. Via the Priceless campaign, MasterCard succeeded in capturing a distinctive emotional high ground for credit for the emerging audience of affluent modern credit users; the 'Good Revolvers'. This positioning has allowed MasterCard to increase its market share to the tune of billions of dollars across markets in Europe.

Campaign Objectives

  • Demonstrate that MasterCard was acceptable for all of the emerging types of enrichment expenditure that makes up 'good revolving'.

  • Ensure that consumers understood that MasterCard was a distinctive and more relevant sort of brand than its key competitors.

Target Audience

'Good Revolvers' tend to be heavy users of debit and credit cards and credit plays a valuable role in allowing them and their friends and families to manage and enjoy richer lives. They are very credit worthy and present good risks but they do not feel bound to pay back all monthly expenditure in one go. The categories on which they typically spend are 'life enriching' categories such as travel, the home and leisure.