The Business of Storytelling with Quantitative Research

Graham Saxton and Andrew Davidson
OTX Europe Research


This paper has been written by two authors with varied backgrounds in the research business; a mix of both agency side and client side roles which have provided an informed perspective of the research industry. We are both passionate believers in research as a part of the marketing mix. From both sides of the fence we have seen the power it has to enlighten clients, build better brands, and ultimately create more successful businesses.

But, we're sorry to say, more often than not we have seen good research sitting there, gathering dust, being ignored, wasting everyone's time and the money invested by clients, purely because the story it tells is locked impenetrably in the data.

So, this paper is about the lost potential in research. Specifically quantitative research, which in an increasingly sound-byte driven, creative and audio visual world where knowledge is infinite in breadth and increasingly shallow in depth, often loses the audience in the detail of the methodology alone.