Boysen KNOxOUT: The biggest air filter

Agency: TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Makati City
Advertiser: Pacific Paint Philippines
Brand: Boysen KNOxOUT
Country: The Philippines


The main objective for the project was to create awareness for KNOxOUT—a revolutionary smog-eating paint from Boysen, the Philippines' No. 1 paint company. Boysen has always been known in the country for its environment-friendly paints. The creation of KNOxOUT would further improve their reputation because more than just being environment-friendly, KNOxOUT was a paint that could actually help clean the environment. Creating awareness for the product would also change the bad rep of paint as something that's harmful to the lungs.

Mounting the World's Biggest Air Filter also brought about an even loftier objective—bring down pollution levels on EDSA, the Philippines' most polluted highway. With more than 200,000 vehicles passing through everyday, EDSA's pollution levels have been found to be five times beyond the health limits set by the World Health Organization.