Pervasive and persuasive: How a holistic 360 degree measurement approach is enabling LG Electronics to understand and harness the power of retail

Catherine Willis, David Vanderwaal
LG Electronics
Fiona Blades
MESH Planning

"Probably our biggest concern – which relates to engagement – is 'holism': the ability to capture the effect of a wide range of communications… if you see a change in brand attitude, how do you know it was your TV and not some product experience or word-of-mouth?"

Mark Greenstreet, Carat Insight, Research, 2006

The marketers challenge

Not that long ago, it used to be enough to look at retail audit data along with brand and advertising tracking to understand how your brand was performing.

Such a lot has changed!

On December 4th 2009 in New York the ARF held its first 360 Measurement Day reflecting the importance of new research measures in this area. There's been the explosion in online and social media, the realisation of the importance of word of mouth and an appreciation that it isn't enough just to understand the sales and distribution through different retail channels but the response from real people in those stores too.