Reinvention Task Force: A perspective from Spot TV

Abby Auerbach

The practices and processes for buying and selling media are moving into the 21st century

Change is in the air and the spot television industry is energizing it by reinventing many of its current business practices. In December 2006, GroupM CEO Irwin Gotlieb criticized the media industry for its outdated, labor intensive, and costly business practices. He challenged media agencies and media vendors to join together to reinvent business practices that would enable the evaluation, administration, and stewardship of media as they evolve into new and exciting forms.

The result of that “call to action” is Project Reinvention: Spot TV. At the direction of the 4A's Media Policy Committee, a task force of senior spot television executives from media buying companies, local broadcast television groups, the CAB, and TVB have been collaborating to revolutionize and standardize business practices for spot TV.