NTUC Income: Hijacking a public debate to talk savings

Adil Ismeer

Campaign details

Brand owner: NTUC Income
Brand: NTUC Income
Agency: BBH Asia Pacific
Country: Singapore
Channels used: Newspapers, Outdoor, out-of-home
Media budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

NTUC Income is a co-operative insurance company that was created to provide affordable, quality insurance to all Singaporeans.

In 2010, they identified that there were many Singaporeans who were still – despite repeated governmental and commercial messaging – not planning adequately for their retirement.

To help address this, NTUC Income decided to more publicly promote their SAIL savings plans – a series of straightforward financial vehicles designed to help people better prepare for retirement.

At the time of the launch, much of Singapore was engaged in a controversial debate about the launch of two new casinos in the island state. Culturally, gambling has always been a contentious issue in Singapore – on the one hand, it plays an important part in Chinese culture, with games of chance being enormously popular pastimes. On the other hand, this conservative society is also wary of the social ills that come with things like casinos.