Children and the Commercial World: A Parent's Perspective

Karen Fraser and Cathryn Moses



In December 2010, the Bailey Review was launched by Government to address the ‘excessive commercialisation’ and ‘premature sexualisation’ of childhood. The Review is part of the Coalition Government's pledge to ‘crack down on irresponsible advertising and marketing’.

In response to the Review, Credos commissioned Dr Barbie Clarke to conduct qualitative and quantitative research to explore parental concerns of childhood today. The intention of this work was not only to contribute to the Review, but also to further our understanding of the impact of advertising and marketing on children.

Executive Summary

While there was concern expressed by parents on many issues affecting their children's wellbeing, advertising and marketing to children was not perceived to be a huge problem. Even when prompted, advertising and marketing ranked low in parental concerns. Instead, their primary concerns centre on their child's future, their education, crime and ‘stranger danger’.