The real story… behind young Japan's education

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

As Japan recovers from the disasters of 2011 there is a lot of discussion about reform, about the need for change and re-considering the future. And that in turn has led to a renewed discussion about "what to do about the young." Ever since the fall from the Bubble Years in 1989-90, there seems to have been discussion about the failure of today's younger generation to show the same energy and desire to build Japan that their parents and grandparents showed in the economic miracle decades after WWII. And yet today's young generation have been educated to be a very different group of people.

They are after all the children of generations that established a stable middle class society. And history shows that as societies move to a stable middle class the following generations experiment and stretch the acceptable. It happened in the West in the 70s and while it took longer in Japan to evolve the traits were there to see.