Immersive market research

Emma Macdonald and Hugh Wilson
Cranfield School of Management

Professor Hugh Wilson and Dr Emma Macdonald describe when and how to use immersive techniques for understanding customers.

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Immersive research techniques allow researchers to capture behaviours, emotions and cognitive perceptions of individuals in context at the moment where the individual experiences them. They are needed when one or more of the following conditions is met.

  • When you need to understand the customer's use situation. When do customers use our products and services? How do they use them? What's going on around them at the time?

  • When you are divorced from the customer's world. Marketing is easy when you yourself are in your target segment. When you're not - if you're addressing a different demographic, for example -immersive research can be valuable for building an intuitive understanding of the day-to-day world, and world view, of your customers.