Big Data strategies: Key themes from I-COM 2012

Cila Warncke

The annual International Conference on Online Media Measurement (I-COM) took place in Rome, Italy, in October 2012, where delegates from around the world gathered to discuss Big Data – what it is, what it does and what it means for the world of marketing.

Across the course of a wide range of panel discussions and presentations a number of key themes emerged which are summarised in this report. Among these were the challenges of adapting to the “Big Data” megatrend – the explosion in available data on shoppers available to companies in recent years. Presenters suggested that Big Data has the potential to reshape the way corporations are structured, the way they plan and analyse campaigns, and the way they market their goods and services.

Adapting to Big Data

The explosion of mobile device ownership and digital connectivity has turned human communications into a rush of information known as Big Data. Simply put, digital devices leave a trail and every time a consumer clicks, hovers, follows a link, makes a comment or even just switches on their phone that creates a piece of data which, when correctly collected and interpreted, can be used to understand or infer something about them.