Acxiom online data survey: Thornton's chocolates

TNT Post

The team

Jonathan Clough – Senior Manager, Data Acquisition
Steve Burden – Vice President Europe, Customer Information Products
Jon Phillips – Vice President Europe, Customer Information Products
Mevlan Eminaj – Team leader content specialist
Rana Rahman – Data acquisition, Acxiom
Adrian Wolczuk – Web developer

Other contributors

TNT Post – Delivery and fulfilment
Patrice Bendon, Kathleen Home, Alice Howse

Thorntons – Chocolate incentive

What is wonderful about this work?

Acxiom used door drops to drive householders to an online survey with a unique two-stage mechanic. The instant gratification of a chocolate incentive and intrigue generated by the initial creative all meant consumer engagement. It provided a strong response rate and fill rates among an affluent audience, and added 80% more new names to the database.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?