A pint of lager and panel membership: measurement of out-of-home TV viewing

Leo Malagoni
SkyMedia, BSkyB, United Kingdom

Anne Barnsdale
Mediaminds, Ipsos MORI, United Kingdom


BSkyB is the leading subscription TV provider in the UK. As well as providing in-home services, BSkyB provide sports programming for out-of-home viewing via a dedicated channel which carries advertising. While dominant in this market, it is an increasingly competitive environment, in particular from a relatively new entrant to the TV market in Great Britain, Setanta sports, a TV content provider who have recently secured Premiership football rights in Great Britain. In addition to the challenge from content providers the increased proliferation of digital TV platforms; BT Vision, TV via the Internet and mobile phones make the British TV viewing market place increasingly fragmented and competitive. Securing and building advertising sales revenue for this medium is a key business challenge, demanding a data source for media planning purposes.