LEO Pharma NPD: How research innovation directly influenced a product development decision

Janet Gunner, James Hindhaugh and Kevin Savage
Trufflenet Health


This is not atypical case study. The objective was to review 500 dermatological indications, and to not spend development money on those with a weak business case.

LEO Pharma partnered with Trufflenet Health, whose solution combined traditional market research with analysis of patients' online conversations. Each of three research phases focused on a different stakeholder group – KOLs, international experts and patients – to identify those indications with most potential, while providing an innovative opportunity to hear direct from the patient.

Excluding those where LEO Pharma was already dominant, 70 indications were considered in the phase 1 KOL workshop, and an Unmet Need Rating Scale was developed, based on diagnostic and prognostic criteria.