Reddi-wip: Unleashing the Joy of Reddi-wip and Fruit

Campaign details

Agency: DDB California, Aspen Marketing, JSH&A, Possible
Media: Mediacom, Spark
Research: Ipsos ASI, Communicus, Consumer Knowledge Centre Ltd., The Insight Connection, NPD Group

Reddi-wip's real cream deliciousness and flair has long been unleashed on holiday desserts. For our consumers that unmistakable whoosh makes any holiday pie that much more joyful. But once the holidays were over, sadly, that can of Reddi-wip often found itself pushed to the back of refrigerator.

Reddi-wip wanted to transform itself from a seasonal product to an "everyday" product by increasing sales outside of the November/December holiday time period and beyond topping pie. Rather than try to encourage consumers to eat pie year-round, the Marketing Strategy was to encourage consumers to use Reddi-wip on a different host food, fruit, during the spring/summer months.