Multi-screen viewing behaviour

Dr Ali Goode and Neil Mortensen
Lingua Brand and Thinkbox

Viewers have easily adapted to dividing their attention between the television and additional screens and this has benefited TV viewing, according to research from trade body Thinkbox.

In 2010, the marketing industry suddenly seemed to be talking about something called, variously, 'two-screening', 'multi-screening', 'dual-screening' or 'second-screening' – that is, watching TV with a connected device to hand. The fact that no one knew exactly what to call this emerging phenomenon underlined that they knew very little about it.

No-one had a great deal of knowledge about something being billed as one of the most exciting new developments for marketers, but some of the early noises were that it might distract from TV advertising, not enhance it. However, most of the talk was based on personal opinion or claimed behaviour.