Warc Briefing: Influencers

Definition: Influencers (or Influentials) are individuals who disproportionately affect the purchasing and behavior of others by virtue of their real or perceived knowledge, authority, position or history.

Quick facts

  • Ford used 100 Influencers on its US Fiesta launch in 2009i.
  • An estimated 10-20% of Americans may count as Influencersii.
  • In a study of the international coffee market, Germany had the fewest Influencersiii.

History and future outlook

Influencers have always existed. Marketers called them by other names, and they did not so much target them as discover them as their first and best customers, who followed a product through innovation and development into the market.

Good marketers held onto these consumers for subsequent products. They were the early ambassadors for products and brands such as mobile phones, digital cameras, small cars and Virgin Airlines.