The Wisdom of Crowds

Mark Earls

Collaboration, co-creation, crowdsourcing: it's all about opening up and letting the people in to engage with your brand. It can be unpredictable, but fun says Mark Earls

Marketing can seem more fashion-­parade than a firmly grounded and principled discipline – a neophile's paradise. Wave after wave of latest things – the newest, shiniest technologies, media or routes to market – come racing towards us, each heralded by a gaggle of vendors demanding a complete rethink of everything that we thought was best practice.

No wonder many of us feel slightly giddy: we're torn between holding on to what we know and trust, and jumping on the latest thing lest we get left behind. Yet, in all too many cases, the latest thing is soon forgotten, along with the exhortations of those who proclaimed the end of the world as we know it.