AT&T: Convincing Youth Not To Text

Category: GoodWords-Brands
Brand/Client: AT&T
Lead Agency: BBDO New York
Contributing Agencies: Fleishman-Hillard

Strategic Challenge

A serious problem that wasn't being taken seriously

One simple text message…

More dangerous to read or respond to when driving than driving while intoxicated1; all it takes to effectively increase your risk of crashing 23-fold2; the needless cause of death for 16,000 individuals between 2002 and 2007.3

Yet in 2009, an estimated 26% of the population was texting while driving.4

While drunk driving was both socially and legally unacceptable, texting was still in its formative years with respect to laws, opinion, and education. And the problem was only predicted to get worse as the prevalence of text messaging as a natural, everyday method of communicating grew exponentially. For example, in 2009, 473 billion texts were sent across the country on AT&T networks alone. By 2010, it was 647 billion. And in 2011, AT&T's customers are predicted to send 854 billion texts, nearly double that of 2009.5