Corsodyl - Starting a revolution in oral health

Principal Authors: Andrew Niven and Claire Taylor – MediaCom

Contributing Author: Liz Boulter – Grey


Corsodyl is a medical brand that's become a household name. As one of the fastest growing brands within the GSK portfolio, Corsodyl has been a welcome new product range to the 14 million people a year who suffer from bleeding gums. This paper outlines how from 2008-2009 ‘The Campaign for Healthy Gums’ meant Corsodyl gained the biggest growth from one of GSK's smallest brands, through hard-hitting advertising which mimicked public service announcements showing the shocking impact of gum disease. It delivered a payback of £1.20 for every £1 invested in the short to medium term, projecting to £2.31 in the long term, helping GSK to outperform all its major competitors within the oral care market. Corsodyl doubled in size from £10m to £21m, and the campaign grew the otherwise static medicated mouthwash market by 33% and helped relieve nearly one million more people from the pain of gum disease. This paper also provides a lesson in ‘owning’ a whole category by creating unbranded properties like ‘’ that both highlights and normalises a medical issue of this sort. It was examples of thinking like this, and the range of media used that really impressed the judges and showed big thinking for a smaller brand.