The challenge of happy customers

Paul Walker
GCI Group

Over the past year, GCI Digital Media has worked with Dell, Nike, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Whole Foods and other leading US brands to implement programmes, often digital, to generate positive word of mouth while decreasing the negative.

In the course of our work we've come across a type of customer that is far too often taken for granted, ignored or worse: the Happy Customer. These are the customers that absolutely love a brand's product or services so much so that they are willing to take the time to tell the brand via email, phone, 'snail mail' or blog.

Unfortunately, their 'thank yous' are more often than not for naught.


Major brands don't know what to do with happy customers. They make it hard for customers to say thanks and way too often companies don't celebrate and embrace customers' positive gestures. And, if they can't do that, how can they motivate them to tell their family, friends and peers how happy they are with the brands' products and services?