Waitrose LOVE Life


Client: Waitrose
Category: Brand identity (Design and implementation costs over £100,000)

Executive summary

For too long, healthy eating has been shaped by self-control and restriction. We measured our happiness by depriving ourselves. But what's healthy in that?

Waitrose wanted something different. To put taste, variety and pleasure back into healthy eating.

Pearlfisher created a health and wellbeing brand for Waitrose called LOVE Life that followed a simple philosophy of celebrating wholesome and delicious food, that stood proud in a hugely saturated market.

The Waitrose LOVE Life range is extensive, including soups, nuts, juices, ready meals and dried fruits.

In the history of the Waitrose business the impact of the LOVE Life brand is unprecedented.

In the 52 weeks from launch (in June 2011) LOVE Life has achieved sales of £60 million!!