Brands of the future and the importance of style

Sir John Hegarty

I recently spoke to a group of students studying art and design who were considering a career in advertising. There was a degree of hesitation from them about their chosen career, having seen so many headlines regarding the demise of our industry and in turn marketing. The digital revolution is sweeping all before it. Nothing will ever be the same. Forget everything you know, change is the only constant.

As I stood in front of these students I could see fear on their faces. Was their chosen career about to disappear before they had even graduated?

I proceeded to give a talk assuring them that far from disappearing, this was the most exciting time to be in our industry. Yes, of course we were being confronted by enormous change. Yes, the digital revolution was revolutionising the way we worked. Yes, many companies would disappear. But many new companies would be created.