Nordstrom, Inc.: Reinvent Yourself campaign

Rayna Bailey


In 2000 Nordstrom was an aging retailer with an identity crisis. Its core customers—baby boomers—continued to rely on the chain's classic merchandise and top-of-the-line customer service that often included employees writing thank-you notes following a purchase and staffers willing to carry an overloaded customer's packages to her car. Younger consumers, however, considered the department store, which typically served as an anchor in a suburban mall, as a place where their grandmothers shopped. In 1998 Nordstrom undertook a series of surveys and focus-group studies of customers and noncustomers, employees, and stockholders. The results indicated that Nordstrom's steadily declining sales, particularly in women's apparel, were due in part to the perception that its stores were stuffy and its fashions boring and outdated.