The Czech Olympic Committee: Live London

Ogilvy Prague/Geometry Global


The Olympic Games used to be perceived as something unreachable in the Czech Republic. This event was only for a few athletes and some "friends" of the sponsors. For most of the Czech population, the Olympic Games were only something to watch on TV.

The Olympic campaign was also always about the sponsors. The Czech Olympic union decided to change the status quo and bring the Olympics to the people.

As a first step, they managed to get a great deal for the tickets for Czech fans. They got 5 times more tickets to the Olympics than usual (27 000 instead of 5000). Then the tickets just waited to be sold!

National context of the campaign

The Czechs are mostly passive. They like to observe but not act. This is also valid for watching sports, which are mostly watched on television in the Czech Republic.

The average Czech also doesn't feel very comfortable abroad, mainly because of the language barrier which is very common within the older generation. London is also perceived as an expensive city.


  1. Activate people
    • Get people to the Games so that they feel that the Olympics are here for them. The Czechs should have looked forward to the London Olympic Games more than any other Games in the past.
    • Approach at least 500 000 people
  2. Introduce the Live London brand
    • Memorize the logo and associate it with the Olympics
  3. Sell the tickets
    • Sell all the booked tickets
    • 27 000 tickets for the Czech Republic (the average number of tickets bought in the past was 5 000, mostly for sponsors and their companies)